Chalghoums commands List :

Reaction Roles !
Reaction @role Setup a reaction role
Reaction Set channel as reaction role channel
default_role -role_name- Specifies custom role for new members
default_role Displays current custom role
Kick @user Kicks user from server
Ban @user Bans user from voice channels
Unban @user Unbans member from voice channels
Bans Dispaly list of banned member from voice channels
Corona -country- Countrys current Corona virus info
Delete -number- Deletes the specified number of messages
channel @[members] Creates custom Private channel that deletes itself after all members leave it
Ping Display bot ping
Stat @user Display user stats (server unique)
Greeting & Farewell
Bind sets channel as greeting channel.
Greeting setup greeting category and channel. this is automatically done when the bot joins the server (only if it is missing permissions).
Set_welcome sets custom server welcome message
welcome Displays current server welcome message
Toggle_welcome Toggles ON / OFF custom welcome message
Set_leave sets custom server farewell message
leave Displays current server farewell message
Toggle_leave Toggles ON / OFF custom leave message
Blackjack @[members] Starts a blackjack game !
Flip -currency- Coin flip (Double your bet if won)
Balance Displays your credit balance
Bonus Claims your daily bonus
Server Rosters
Roster_set -roster_name- [names] -image_link- Creates server Roster
Roster -roster_name- Display roster
Rosters Displays all server rosters
Server Tournaments
Start Tournament_Name Players_Per_Team Start a tournament
Example : {start Rocket_league 2 : Starts a 2 v 2 Rocket league tournament
Register Team_Name @player1 @player2 Register team in current tournament
Example : {register F2 Mike Woof
Teams displays registered teams in active tournaments
Generate generates & displays groups with registered teams
Groups Displays groups with registered teams
generate_matches generates & displays all matches for each group
Matches Displays all matches for each group
start_match starts targeted match and moves each team's players to custom channels